Sports-Based Businesses Hope To See Sales Spike From 2021 Olympics

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ERIE (Erie News Now) – Major sporting events, like the Olympics, bring out the athleticism in all of us.

“It’s really fun as a kid growing up watching all these races, and watching the Tour de France and the Lance Armstrong era,” 814 Outdoor Sports owner, Nathan Latimer told Erie News Now.

Watching the world’s best battle it out can inspire thousands across the country to pick up a new hobby. That’s what some local sports based businesses are hoping for.

“Maybe they’re watching the Olympics, but they have a different picture in their heads. They just want to get on a bike, and we cater to all those cyclists,” said Latimer. He helps everyone from new riders to professionals start cycling.

The pandemic caused bike sales to sky rocket. Now, there’s a shortage, so the idea of another bike craze is concerning. “Any enthusiasm around getting a new bike is great. It’s just really tough right now,” he said.

Biking isn’t the only sport expecting to gain traction

After popular movies, like The Hunger Games and Disney’s Brave, archery picked up around the country. Now, local archer’s hope the same thing happens after the 2021 Olympics.

“Hollywood was responsible for a huge spike, and in 2012 the Olympic viewership in archery beat basketball,” Archery Encounters owner, Tim Case said. This is true. Since 2012, archery viewership and participation has went up worldwide.

With the 2021 Olympics underway, Case is hoping the games cause the next spike. “It’s a great sport. It’s a lifetime sport. You can do it whether you’re five years old or 75,” he said.

He hopes to see the sport continue to grow after the Olympic Games.

You can watch all the Olympic action on our news partner’s station, WICU-TV.


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