Hero Cop Recognized By City Council

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JAMESTOWN – The hero police officer who helped save a Jamestown family from a house fire was recognized by city lawmakers on Monday night.

Officer Mark Conklin helped save the Rivera family from their William Street home that caught fire last week.

The footage from officer Conklin’s body camera has since gone viral, with troves of well-wishes posted online from thousands not just locally but nationally as well.

He was recognized by the Jamestown City Council and Mayor Eddie Sundquist for his heroism.

“He truly has gone above and beyond what we ask for our employees, our officers, it is really a testament to our community,” said Sundquist. “We are excited to present this official proclamation honoring officer Conklin for his selfless service, saving residents from a fire.”

In addition to the recognition in Jamestown, officer Conklin will be recognized by State Senator George Borrello during Wednesday’s Chautauqua County Legislature Meeting.

The resolution, approved by lawmakers, is posted below:



WHEREAS, We join with people from throughout Jamestown in thanking and celebrating the heroic actions of Jamestown Police Department Patrol Officer Mark Conklin; and,

WHEREAS, On Monday, July 19th, 2021, a fire broke out in a residential building on Williams Street; and,

WHEREAS, While handling a call for service on Baker Street, Officer Conklin was alerted to a possible house fire, ran to the scene with no hesitation, and showed quick-thinking and a selfless nature, advising those in the home to jump; and,

WHEREAS, Upon each resident jumping, Officer Conklin put his own physical safety aside, caught them, helping save the lives of these residents; and,

WHEREAS, Officer Conklin stayed until Jamestown Fire Fighters were on the scene and assessed the situation safe before he left; and,

WHEREAS, Upon leaving, went and resumed his workday, and maintained a humble attitude throughout; and,

WHEREAS, Through his act of quick-thinking heroism, Officer Mark Conklin saved multiple lives from death in a fire.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Jamestown City Council do hereby recognize Patrol Officer Mark Conklin in the month of July 2021 to thank him for his heroism in saving multiple lives and reflect upon his selfless act.


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