Schumer: Infrastructure Talks At Critical Moment

NBC News / YouTube

WASHINGTON – Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says bipartisan infrastructure talks have reached a “critical moment.”

Monday Schumer put negotiators on notice, saying the senate could be staying in session through the weekend in order to finish the bill.

The chamber is supposed to break for August, but Schumer and other democrats want to try once more to bring President Biden’s infrastructure plan up for debate.

Republicans working on the negotiations expected the legislation to be ready by early this week.

“We have reached a critical moment,” said Schumer. “The bipartisan group of senators has had nearly five weeks of negotiations since they first announced an agreement with President Biden.”

“It’s time for everyone to get to yes and produce an outcome for the American people,” Schumer furthered.

Earlier Monday, former President Donald Trump issued a statement urging Republican Senators not to work with Democrats on negotiations.

Schumer in turn called on his Republican colleagues to ignore Trump, saying, “he’s rooting for our entire system to fail.”


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