Dog Rescue Group Seeks Volunteers For New Jamestown Location

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JAMESTOWN – A Western New York animal rescue group that helps save dogs from kill shelters out of state is seeking volunteers for their newly established Jamestown branch.

Buffalo based Buddy’s Second Chance Rescue pulls dogs from kill shelters in West Virginia,Tennessee Georgia, Texas and Costa Rica. Founder Julie Starr explains that these shetlers don’t want to kill the dogs, but do it out of necessity.

“Basically it’s caused from over population, people not spaying and neutering their pets, dogs being abandoned. The shelters get overrun so they only have so much space and unfortunately they’re healthy adoptable dogs that get euthanized just because of lack of space,” said Starr.

She explains that the shelters work with the group to send a list of dogs that are going to be euthanized. A transport company brings the dogs to New York where Buddy Second Chance Rescue takes care of the dogs paperwork as well as takes them to the vet to get neutered.

The dogs are then placed into foster homes for about a week before they are adopted. In 2020 alone, they rescued over 600 dogs.

Western New York native Chelsea Edmonds recently launched the group’s Jamestown chapter, and needs volunteers to help foster dogs as they come in every 10 to 14 days.

“We’re still looking for volunteers and fosters in our area: Chautauqua County, Jamestown, Westfield, Mayville, we have some in Fredonia already that are helping us out,” said Edmonds.

Starr says that being a foster home for a dog goes a long way in the rescue to adoption process.

“Even if you can foster one or two dogs, that’s one or two dogs’ lives you’ve saved, you know and it makes a difference for that dog. A lot of these dogs don’t stand a chance without people getting them out of the shelters and people don’t realize what an impact it makes,” said Starr.

Aside from foster homes, they are also in need of volunteers to help process applications and approve homes in order for the dogs to be adopted.

To volunteer or adopt a dog, you can visit their website at


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