Jamestown Deploying Sharps Containers In New Syringe Disposal Program

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JAMESTOWN – The push to rid Jamestown streets of improperly disposed heroin needles took a step forward this week.

During Monday’s city council meeting the lawmaking body approved a resolution to acquire 10 sharps containers for syringe disposal.

Council President Tony Dolce explains the purchase cost is covered by a New York State Department of Health grant.

In partnership with the HOPE Chautauqua Coalition, Dolce says collection containers will be placed around the city.

“Try them in different locations along the Riverwalk, or points downtown, or certain areas where they’re seeing a high concentration of needles that are out there,” said Dolce. “Around the school, and around Jamestown High School in the back and on the Riverwalk and towards McCrea Point and some of the other parks areas where there’s a lot of children and a lot of activity.”

As an avid runner, Dolce says he’s personally seen a lot of needles along the Riverwalk, and feels this new strategy is a step in the right direction to clean up city streets.


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