State Senator Presents Commendation To Hero Jamestown Police Officer

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MAYVILLE – Jamestown Police Officer Mark Conklin was issued a New York State Senate Commendation Award and Proclamation from State Senator George Borrello during Wednesday’s Chautauqua County Legislature meeting.

Conklin was recognized for his courageous action to save a Williams Street woman and her daughter from a house fire. His July 19 rescue of Brooke Lucas and her 12-year-old daughter was recorded by his body camera. Officer Conklin has received national praise after the footage was released by the Jamestown Police Department.

“I watched this incredible video. A hero acts to save lives without thinking about the danger or risk to themselves and that’s exactly what Officer Conklin did,” Borrello said. “Without any hesitation, he ran toward this burning home. Finding Brooke and her daughter trapped by flames on the second-floor, he told them to jump into his arms and safety.

“Were it not for Officer Conklin’s decisive, courageous actions, Brooke and her daughter could have been injured or even died. His heroic and selfless service is in the finest tradition of first responders and law enforcement officers who risk their personal safety to protect others. This Commendation Award is extended in admiration and gratitude for his extraordinary efforts,” he added.

Jamestown Police Chief Timothy Jackson said Officer Conklin remains humble and has told Chief Jackson and others that he was only doing his duty.

“Officer Conklin doesn’t have a lot to say about what he did, but in this case, I think his body camera footage speaks for him,” Chief Jackson said. “He never thought twice. He just did what he needed to do to save lives. That, in my opinion, is a true hero.”

Officer Conklin, 25, is a 2013 graduate of Jamestown High School. A four-year veteran of the Jamestown Police Department, he served in court security his first two years and is in his second year as a patrol officer.

After making sure everyone was out of the house, Officer Conklin stayed on the scene until the Jamestown Fire Department arrived and then resumed his workday patrol. While their home was destroyed, Lucas, her five children and Hector Rivera survived uninjured.

“Brooke Lucas and her daughter survived the fire that destroyed their home because of Officer Conklin,” Senator Borrello said. “What he did goes above and beyond his duty as a police officer and public servant. It’s a privilege to present him with a Proclamation recognizing his heroism and exceptional service.”

The New York State Senate Commendation Award is presented to select individuals whose extraordinary service and achievements have benefitted their communities.

Chautauqua County Executive P.J. Wendel, and Jacqueline Chiarot Phelps of Congressman Tom Reed’s office also presented commendations to Conklin.


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