Officials Warn Of New Mildew Possibly Growing In Chautauqua County 

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JAMESTOWN – There is a new warning from environmental officials in Chautauqua County about growing concerns over mildew.  

The Cornell Cooperative Extension says Cucurbit Downy Mildew (CDM) could be coming to the county and with it brings the threat of ruining many crops.

The Extension’s Vegetable Program warns that due to spread to nearby areas, our region could be under threat of the disease.

CDM ruins the crops as the disease is known to cause rectangular checkerboarding that stays within the boundaries of veins.

The group adds that due to the current weather patterns, there is a high risk that the disease will continue to spread moving on rainstorms. They are encouraging people who are raising cucumber, melon, pumpkin, and squash to evaluate their fields at least twice a week.

At this time, they are suggesting that growers implement Mildew management practices. They also add that many growers throughout the county have received updates and support for managing downy mildew by subscribing to CCE’s VegEdge Newsletter.

They advise that suspected cases should be put into a zip seal bag with a big breath of air or spritz of water and left on the counter overnight to force sporulation. After this process, the agency says they visually confirm it as the mold.


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