Jamestown Police Assists With Forensics Unit At Persell Middle School

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JAMESTOWN – Future crime scene investigators at Persell Middle School are sharpening their skills through the Forensics Unit of the summer JUMP program.   

The JUMP program, which is available to incoming seventh and eighth graders, hosts the two week long unit that seeks to combine several subjects of learning and highlight the importance of teamwork.

Jamestown Police Detective Craig Damon helped contribute to the unit, detailing his job responsibilities and showing the students many of the materials that he uses on a daily basis, including his CSI vehicle.  

Also speaking to the kids was Deanna Miller, who works for the Massachusetts Crime Lab.  As described to the students, Miller’s job includes taking evidence from crime scenes and analyzing it in the lab using forensic techniques that are commonly used to solve crimes.  

After becoming more informed from the presenters, students participated in a Clue-style murder mystery where their newly aqquired knowledge was put to the test. 

Students were challenged to act under circumstances that would normally happen when trying to solve a crime.  These included areas such as seeking if the suspects had an alibi or motive.

Additionally, the students got to participate in the justice side of the investigations, getting to play the role of lawyers in both the prosecuting and the defense.  

“Having the students do project based learning has been great in terms of letting them experience struggles with some tough material and relying on each other to come up with solutions,” said teacher Mr. Jayme Genco.

The community support, especially the help of JPD has greatly helped the students of JUMP to excel and have fun while still learning important skills.  


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