BBB Warns Of New Scam On The Rise

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ALBANY (WENY) – The Better Business is Bureau is warning of a popular scam they are seeing with QR codes companies use to point consumers to their apps, track packages, or view menus.

Scammers will send you an email, or direct message on social media, or a text message that includes a QR code.

You are supposed to scan the code with your phone’s camera and it will open a link. In some scams, the QR code takes you to a phishing website where you are prompted to enter your personal information or login credentials for scammers to steal.

To avoid QR scams the BBB says:

  • If someone you know sends you a QR code, also confirm before scanning it.
  • Don’t open links from strangers.
  • Verify the source
  • Watch out for advertising materials that have been tampered with
  • Install a QR scanner with added security.


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