NY Assembly Judiciary Committee Meets In Gov. Cuomo Impeachment Probe

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ALBANY – The Judiciary Committee of the New York State Assembly convened today to discuss the ongoing impeachment investigation of Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Assembly member Charles Lavine commended the work of Attorney General Letitia James in her 168-page report released last week, as well as her agreement to grant the committee relevant material to their investigation.

The committee will review the report alongside with their own independent investigation. They emphasize that the report by the AG, and any concerns of its legitimacy, should be directed to James’ office, not the Judiciary Committee.

Lavine also stated that the statements Cuomo’s lawyers have made will be taken into account while investigating, as well as any other remarks the governor would like to make.

“The governor will have the opportunity to address issues of sexual harassment, as well as issues relating to use of public resources to write his book,” says Lavine. “Allegations relating to the nursing home deaths and the various statements and reports relating to that issue, allegations relating to preferential access to COVID-19 testing, and any other issues the governor wishes to address.”

The investigation will remain confidential until as early as later this month, when the evidence will be discussed openly.

Lavine explains that the confidentiality of evidence during the investigation process protects the alleged victims from retaliation.

“There are sensitive issues with respect to sexual harassment and sexual assault, including very personal information which we must protect, and which we will protect,” assures Lavine.

The Judiciary Committee has instructed the Executive Chamber that there will be no retaliation against any witnesses or potential witnesses relevant to the investigation.

The committee’s independent outside counsel will update the members of the committee on the results and current status of the investigation, then will discuss the process moving forward.

The committee ensured that the governor will get his wish to be treated “like anyone else in this country,” as no one is above the law.


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