Jamestown Public Schools Superintendent Talks Fall Reopening, Mask Mandate

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JAMESTOWN – We are hearing more from Jamestown Public Schools Superintendent about the district’s plan to reopen this fall.

Superintendent Dr. Kevin Whitaker first outlined the reopening strategy last week, preparing for all students to return to full-day, in-person instruction starting on Wednesday, September 1.

“In looking at the guidance that we do have from the Centers for Disease Control, from the American Academy of Pediatrics, and our own district physician, we are going to be bringing back all of our students five days a week for full days,” said Whitaker in a video posted online.

However, he says the reopening comes with some “caveats,” in order to maintain a minimum of three-feet social distancing.

“In order to get to that three feet, which is less than six, remember when we were at six we had to go hybrid, in order to get less than six we need to make sure that all people indoors are wearing masks,” further Whitaker.

He says all must wear masks while inside school buildings, and on school buses, for the safety of students who cannot yet be vaccinated. There will be built in “mask breaks” included in daily instruction and while students and staff eat meals.

As for remote learning, the Superintendent says there will be options for those who are immunocompromised.

“With everyone coming back, all of our staff will be accounted for, they will be teaching students, so we do not have the extra staff that will be required to provide a remote learning option,” said Whitaker. “If you have a child that is immunocompromised, we ask that you meet with your physician, as a physician they send proof that, that person is immunocompromised, we will work on getting you home instruction.”

Those with medical health conditions are asked to contact the district’s Student Support Services for a Home Instruction Form. For that, and more visit, the school’s website at jpsny.org.


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