Preparing To Head Back To School

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ERIE, Pa (Erie News Now) – The school year will be here before we know it and families are preparing for it and like last year, it won’t look like a normal school year as of right now mask are required on all public transportation, so that includes school buses and vans.

As for the classroom, every district has a different policy when it comes to mask wearing.

Erie News Now contributor, Dr. Becky Dawson recommends telling your kids about what could disrupt them this school year and getting them prepared for all the changes that could be happening.

“It really is our responsibility to not share our beliefs or frustrations with mask and our kids but, really encourage them to follow the rules and understand why, even if you disagree with it, why mask are being required in schools or being suggested in schools,” says Dr. Dawson.

She explains to Erie News Now the decision her family made about wearing mask this school year, “I have one vaccinated child and one unvaccinated child because of age, I’m telling both of mine that its going to be a disruptive year, that I want to do everything, I want our family to do everything to protect them but, also create a same community in their schools, so regardless of what our schools say, my kids will be masking from the moment they get on the bus till the moment they get home.

Dr. Dawson says it’s also important time to remind your kids about good hand washing and keeping your hands of your eyes, face, and mouth.

She informs Erie News Now that in the end, we can control our exposure to the virus and explaining to your kids what is going on will help keep them in the classroom, hopefully 180 days of school.

“Mask aren’t going away and I know that is frustrating for folks but, mask do provide a lot of protection both for the wearer and the community around the wearer, so I think we need to get used to them especially as we head into the school year,” says Dr. Dawson.


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