Suspect Surrenders To Police After Claiming To Have Bomb Near U.S. Capitol

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WASHINGTON – Authorities have identified the man who claimed to have a bomb in a truck near the U.S. Capitol on Thursday.

Police say 49-year-old Floyd Ray Roseberry engaged Capitol Police in a standoff after driving onto the sidewalk in front of the Library of Congress.

He allegedly said he had a bomb and showed an officer what looked like a detonator. Multiple buildings were evacuated.

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Roseberry eventually surrendered without incident. Authorities haven’t announced a motive.

“Over the course of time. We tried to negotiate with Mr. Roseberry when we first started doing that with a white board, just writing messages back and forth,” explained Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger. “We used a robot to get a telephone down to him, but he would not use the telephone. But shortly after we had delivered the telephone, he got out of the vehicle, and, surrendered and the tactical units that were close by, took him into custody without incident.”

Roseberry posted several Facebook videos earlier Thursday appearing to be holding an explosive device in his truck.

He called for all Democrats, including President Biden to step down and expressed frustration about the situation in Afghanistan.

Roseberry frequently made pro-Trump posts and posted videos from Trump’s “Million Maga March.”

After he surrendered, police said they are searching the vehicle to see if there’s actually a bomb.


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