Governor Hochul Needs To Restore Public Trust, Mayor Sundquist Says

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JAMESTOWN – New York’s new Governor will likely have to restore public trust in the office she now heads.

That’s according to Jamestown Mayor Eddie Sundquist, who considers Governor Kathy Hochul a colleague and friend.

Sundquist spoke with WNY News Now ahead of the then Lt. Governor swearing-in ceremony.

When asked how she could move forward following her predecessor’s numerous scandals, Sundquist says, she will have a lot of work to do on that front.

“This has gone on for quite a long period of time, and we’ve had a chorus of people calling on the Governor to resign, I think it does erode the public trust when these scandals continue, when you kind of dig in and don’t take a clear stance to begin with,” said Sundquist. “That makes it very difficult to continue running a government, when you need the public’s trust, especially during a pandemic, and you lose that, it’s very hard to continue forward.”

The state’s first female Governor has said she plans to run for the seat in 2022. As for her election chances, Sundqust says, Hochul has his support.

“I know she said she’s interested in running, we’ll wait and see, whenever you take over this post, especially in the middle of a pandemic, things can get very difficult,” said Sundquist. “My hope is that she is going to consider running for the next term.”

In the end, the Mayor believes she will likely be a great ally for the Jamestown community.


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