Loophole Allows Some PA Students To Avoid Masking

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ERIE (Erie News Now) – A loophole in Pennsylvania’s mask mandate for schools is making it easier for some students to go to class without them, that’s after the state health secretary ordered mask be required inside K-12 schools and child care facilities, which went into effect last Tuesday.

Some parents argue masks aren’t necessary, while others say it’s hard for their kid to breath and say the decision is theirs alone to make.

In the new mask mandate there’s no obligation in the masking order for a student to produce a doctors not or other supporting medical documentation.

Some school boards across the state that oppose the statewide mandate are allowing students to go unmasked with just a parent signature.

Erie New Now Contributor, Dr. Becky Dawson says how important it is families follow the mask mandate to keep students in the classroom.

“We have to start thinking as a group, as a community, as a team that we can’t just be thinking about our individual comfort at this time. Mask are annoying but I think that if we could get through masking this year, we have a promise to a much better spring, summer, fall of next year and ultimately that’s our goal if we keep saying nope I’m not going to do it, I’m going to find the loophole it is going to perpetuate spread of disease, we are going to have more cases, more shutdowns, more canceled games things that aren’t going to happen because of the pandemic.”


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