Hochul, Gillibrand Fight For Reproductive Rights Following Texas Anti-Abortion Law

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ALBANY (WENY) – Gov. Kathy Hochul and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand teamed up to make women in New York State aware of their reproductive rights in response to the anti-abortion laws in Texas and across the country.

The two state leaders held a presser on the matter Monday, claiming they plan to cement New York’s status as a place where any woman seeking an abortion can receive proper care.

“Abortion access is safe in New York – the rights of those who are seeking abortion services will always be protected here,” Gov. Hochul said. “This plan will affirm that in our state, and leaders like Sen. Gillibrand will fight on a national level. To the women of Texas, I want to say I am with you. Lady Liberty is here to welcome you with open arms.”

As part of their plans, Gov. Hochul will direct state agencies to work with stakeholders in launching a statewide public information campaign. The NYS Department of Health will also develop and distribute provider guidance and education on abortion care, as well as update regulations to make medication abortion more accessible via telehealth.

Hochul said it’s up to women in New York to lead on the issue.

“All of a sudden that sense of security we once had in our nation has been ripped apart, shredded. The security blanket no longer,” she said. “You are denied the choice that should be yours as a woman and something we took for granted by Texas that thinks 6 weeks is the magic date that you should have been aware [by]. You should know this. And that is grotesquely unfair what they’re expecting.”

Gillibrand added that the anti-abortion laws are not just about saving another life.

“They want to deny women their humanity,” she said. “And this is what is so frustrating. They want to make sure that women and transgender people are second-class citizens because they want to take away these fundamental decision-making capabilities.”

In addition, the senator noted that she’s focused on passing the Women’s Health Protection Act at the federal level, which would help their cause immensely.

“[The Women’s Health Protection Act] would basically codify Roe v Wade,” she said. “It would tell these states legislators and governors across the country that it is not their purview to make these decisions.”

Hochul additionally wrote a letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, urging the company to take action and provide information on any current efforts to combat the spread of abortion misinformation online.


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