Bills Backer Reaction To Vaccine Mandate At Highmark Stadium

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ORCHARD PARK (Erie News Now) – Buffalo Bills fans are reacting to the new vaccine mandate at Highmark Stadium that will take effect later this month.  

“I hear as of September 26th, that’s the case,” says Bills Backer of Erie President, Jeffery Johnson.

Bills fans looking to go to a game at Highmark Stadium will now be required to show proof they’ve gotten the COVID vaccine in order to attend.

According to Erie County Executive in New York, Mark Polancarz in alliance with representatives from the Bills owners the Pegulas, all guests who are 12 and older will be required to prove they’ve had at least one shot of the COVID vaccine at any event at Highmark Stadium.

This new policy goes into effect for the next Buffalo Bills game on September 26th to October 3rd. After that point, only fully vaccinated individuals will be allowed to attend any event at the stadium which includes Bills games and concerts.

Along with this new order, guests will not be required to wear masks like previously having to wear masks when going to concessions and the bathroom.

For some Bills fans, this has made them to decide to sell their tickets to the next bills home game because they don’t agree with the mandate. For Johnson, he thinks it’s a good idea.

“Out of 71,000 people that were there Sunday, I’m sure somebody had something.. The masks were there at the beginning, but once the first beer came along They were all gone,” says Johnson.

Johnson encourages those who want to see the bills play at Highmark this season to get their shot.

“Go get vaccinated, I did. It wasn’t top of my list but I did it,” says Johnson.


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