Commission Hears Plan To Bring New Green Space To Downtown Jamestown

Image by City of Jamestown / YouTube.

JAMESTOWN – New life could soon be coming to a downtown Jamestown park that was previously closed and then demolished because of structural issues. 

Potter’s Terrace, located at the corner of Third Street and Potters Alley, was closed in 2019 after an engineer deemed the deck the park was built on unsafe. Specifically, there was fear the wood structure could collapse into the basement of a former building it was built over.

Since then, crews removed debris and filled in the hole in what leaders with the Jamestown Renaissance Corporation hope could pave the way for a new green space.

Officials with the Renaissance Corp. joined Architect Joe Rollman during last week’s planning commission to outline their ideas

“Our intention is to continue through the design process, with refining our design we are hoping to come back with a commission next month seeking site plan approval for the project, and from there, will carry on through finishing up our construction document mid-package from there will move to getting bids and trying to negotiate a contract with an installer,” Rollman explained.

Rollman told members of the commission that the park will serve as a passive recreation area for the community. The budget for the park’s redevelopment is now in the works with the hope of breaking ground next spring.


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