City Spending, Push For Equity Crucial To Jamestown City Council Candidate

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JAMESTOWN – It’s no secret that the City of Jamestown has experienced a litany of financial difficulties for various reasons over the past several years. In fact, Jamestown City Council At-Large Candidate Christina Cardinale (D) says that the municipal budget is one of the biggest areas that she’d focus her attention on if elected.

Cardinale spoke with WNY News Now to discuss her campaign. She says that she’d specifically observe how the City chooses to spend its funds.

“I want to make sure all of our funds, our expenses and our spending, is exactly where it should be,” Cardinale said. “I would like to evaluate our budget seriously and make sure that there is no need for reallocation of funding and make sure that everything is where it should be and it’s appropriate.”

The Democrat candidate furthers that, in her discussions with various City departments, the Fire Department is one of departments that is in need of more funding.

Cardinale, in addition, says that equity remains a goal that she’ll fight for as a candidate.

“I like to focus on equity. I think equity is very important for citizens and residents in Jamestown. I run with the knowledge that equity is not the same as equality,” Cardinale said. “Equity recognizes that not everyone is on equal footing to begin with, so sometimes you go out of your way to make accommodations or you do assist those who need it.”

Cardinale, during her unsuccessful bid for NYS Assembly in 2020, stressed that areas of Jamestown outside of the Downtown corridor desperately need revitalization. Her stance, to date, hasn’t changed.

“I’ll be the first person to tell you that I love the Comedy Center and I love the revitalization efforts going on in Downtown Jamestown,” Cardinale said. “I think those are a huge component of making our City bring in more tourism and make it more friendly, but I think there’s also a big portion of revitalization that needs to go towards neighborhoods.”

Cardinale says that certain neighborhoods, like the city’s North Side, needs to be prioritized with its infrastructure. Additionally, she explains that she wants to see an increase in entertainment opportunities for people of all ages in  the North Side and other non-downtown areas.

Cardinale is running alongside fellow Democrats Alyssa Porter and Ellen Ditonto for the three City Council At-Large seats. Meanwhile, incumbent Republicans Jeff Russell and Kim Ecklund seek another term.

Republican Randy Daversa is also running for At-Large.

EDITOR’S NOTE: WNY News Now is compiling a series of stories chronicling the campaigns of candidates running for various positions throughout Chautauqua County. 


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