Tik Tok Challenge Blamed For Randolph Park Vandalism, Teenagers Prime Suspect

Image by Justin Gould / WNY News Now.

RANDOLPH – The bathroom facility at a popular Randolph park will be closed for the rest of the year following severe vandalism linked to a social media challenge. 

Randolph Town Clerk Gretchen Hind tells WNY News Now she suspects a group of teenagers taking part in a Tik Tok challenge promoting destruction of property are to blame.

The youngsters, Hind says, struck on Wednesday around 7:50 p.m. by tearing the soap dispensers off the wall, smearing soap all over the walls and breaking a toilet from its cement base.

Furthermore, she says the vandals wrote graffiti all over and even stole a park security camera.

That camera did capture one of the alleged culprits, however Hind explains the image was too distorted to see.

Since the bathrooms are closed, porta potties will be in place for the remained of the high school soccer season at the park.

Town taxpayers, Hind says, will be incurring the cost of repairs to the facility. At this time the Clerk did not know how much that could add up to since her office is still assessing the damage.

Those with information as to who may have caused the damage are asked to contact the Town Clerk’s Office at (716) 358-9701 or the Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s Department.


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