Ward VI Candidate Looks To Bring Fresh Perspective To Jametown’s City Council

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JAMESTOWN – The Republican candidate for Jamestown City Council’s sixth ward hopes to bring new blood to the lawmaking body if elected this fall.

Andrew Faulkner recently bought a home in the Willard Heights neighborhood, a few blocks away from where his parents raised him.

Faulkner says his platform is simple, if elected he would not only bring a fresh sleight of ideas, but also, be more accessible to residents.

“One of the things that I’ve been asking people, or they have been asking me, was, ‘who are you running against?’ and I say, ‘Tom Nelson,’ and they don’t really know who he is,” explained Faulkner. “I’ve created a Facebook page for my campaign, my cell phone number is on there, I’ve had people reach out on Facebook messenger, people have stopped me on the street.”

Councilman Tom Nelson, the incumbent Democrat Faulkner is campaigning against, was tasked with finding a solution to combat the growning number of Urban Deer, something the political newcomer says has come up in conversation with potential voters.

“It’s incredible the number of deer that we have, some morning’s I walk out of my house to my car and on the sidewalk there is a deer, it doesn’t want to move, I have to go around it, they are city deer, they are friendly, they are not scared of you,” said Faulkner. “Something definitely needs to be done, the controlled hunt might not be the worse thing if it can be done safely.”

Nelson put forward a second attempt to pass legislation that would allow a very small and well-trained group of hunters to work to curtail the issues. That motion did not pass during last month’s session, however.


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