Toy Store Telling Customers To Buy It If They See It Due To Supply Issues

Erie News Now Image.

ERIE (Erie News Now) – There’s a backup at sea that could put your holiday presents in peril, and toy stores everywhere are struggling to stock their shelves.

Inside the Jelly Jar, a toy store at Erie’s Colony Plaza, told Erie News Now Thursday the store is about as stocked as it’s going to be through the holidays.

They said items that used to take weeks to come in are now taking months because of a massive bottleneck in the global transportation pipeline.

Experts blame the pandemic and America’s rising consumer demand.

It’s only expected to get worse as the holidays inch closer and more people look to check off their shopping lists.

“Right now, our Playmobil order is struggling,” said Kathy Steiner. “We’ve had some of our vendors ordered for a couple of months. They’re telling us that they will fulfill orders, but we don’t know when they’re coming.”

Store workers said they are telling people if they see something on the shelves that they want to buy it since they may not be able to reorder it in time for the holidays.


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