Jamestown Area Pet Store Expanding In Push To Fill Customer Demands

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RANDOLPH – A Jamestown area pet store is expanding their reach to rural areas, in what the store owner says will fill demands from his customers.

Jamestown business entrepreneur Jason Skinner is expanding his family-owned business Pearl City Pets to the Town of Randolph with a grand opening Ribbon Cutting this weekend.

Skinner says the idea started with his customers’ feedback.

“We try to listen to the community when our customers come in and we have seen a lot of customers that come from Randolph to our pet store, and they say well we wish we had one out there, or we see that they come from Frewsburg,” explained Skinner.

Randolph isn’t the only place he plans to expand to in the future.

“We have already secured another building in Frewsburg, the business name Hot Scales Pets is already on the building, that’s the next (one we plan to) get open and running,” furthered Skinner.

Skinner admits running three businesses at the same time will likely be a lot of work, but in the end he is confident that it can be done, especially with the help of his family.

“We are family oriented, my kids are a great help,” said Skinner. “They come in and help with the business, me and my wife work the store now with three obviously we will be splitting up a little bit.”

He says his business success depends on the community they serve.

“I can’t tell how well it’s going to do, we hope that it does excellent and we hope that we are flooded with customers, and people love the change that comes to Randolph,” Skinner said.

The business, Hot Scales Pets, is located at 133 Main Street in Randolph and opens Saturday at noon. The new Frewsburg location could open sometime next month.


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