UFO Conference Returns To Erie

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ERIE (Erie News Now) – It was a packed house as dozens filed into the H.O. Auditorium at the Blasco Library on Saturday.

The subject of the day-long conference was UFOs.

John Ventre, an author and the event organizer explained the planning behind Saturday’s event.

“Everybody here has had some experience, whether it’s a ghostly of UFO experience, so I’m in this because I like a good story”, said Ventre.

After not being in Erie for the past few years, the UFO conference made its return.

“The people come really to hear the stories and nearly all of them have a story to tell. We have investigators here so they tell us their stories and they just learn”, said Ventre.

There was something for everyone to enjoy whether it was learning about UFOs or Hauntings.

John Smith traveled from Peters Township outside of Pittsburgh for Saturday’s conference, “I’m interested in the demonic, the UFOs sightings that people have and wanted some answers and see if we can come to an understanding of what’s actually going on.”

Saturday’s conference not only gave people a chance to learn about more UFOs, but also share some of their own personal stories.

Like Smith, who didn’t believe in UFOs at first, until he saw one with his own eyes.

Smith explained the experience, “In the Bethel Park area, one flew right over out head, it made no sound, we had to stop our car and get out. It was very visible.”

The day long conference included lectures and discussions, but most important, it was all about learning what’s beyond planet Earth.


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