Check Your Furnaces Before Temps Drop

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ERIE (Erie News Now) – With this morning being cold, you might have heard something you haven’t heard kick on since last winter and that being your furnace.

But according to the technicians over at Reeves Plumbing and Heating don’t let it be late winter until your furnace gets its first use of the season. For owner Rick Reeves, he says he hears the same story every year. Homeowners not checking in on the basics of the furnaces and calling them in a panic when the weather dips and they don’t hear the heat kick on.

That’s why Reeves recommends sooner rather than later calling a technician to come and check if everything is working properly. From the motors to the air filters being replaced, Reeves explains that all has an impact on whether or not your furnace could work or maybe needs some work.

“I recommend getting them serviced every year for sure. A lot of people don’t like to turn them on until it gets colder outside so what happens is they get caught in the heat of the moment where it’s 50, 40 degrees out and their furnaces aren’t turning on. The biggest thing is getting them serviced and letting them run for 15 minutes making sure they work,” says Reeves.

Be proactive. That’s the message from Reeves for maintaining your furnace this fall and going into winter.

“Being proactive about replacing equipment or even maintaining to make sure everything works right for you is very important,” says Reeves.

Reeves explains it’s crucial to make sure all the parts are working to your furnace before turning it on. He says there are red flags to look out for when you go to turn it on.

“Water leaking out of the bottom things like that. If you smell something bad just turn it off,” explains Reeves.

This year wouldn’t be the most ideal for a furnace breakdown. According to, the price for a brand new furnace ranges anywhere from $4000-$7000 just for installation and the price of the furnace. Reeves tells me the price on everything is going up for him, and he’s trying keep costs low for everyone.

“The biggest thing we’ve seen is the increase in the price of furnaces and air conditioners the costs themselves they’ve gone up drastically the last 24 months pre-COVID it’s just unbelievable,” says Reeves.

Reeves says this cool weather this week is the perfect reminder to check your furnace.

“Get it checked early before everyone gets busy too. We will get busy and you’ll call your normal heating guy or even us, and we’ll get you in but there will be guys that will be out one, two, three weeks and they’ll say sorry you have to try someone else,” says Reeves.


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