Firewood Prices Soar As Winter Approaches

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ERIE (Erie News Now) – It’s yet another thing in your life that’s more expensive: firewood.

Not only are the logs going to cost you more this winter, they may also be hard to find.

Dick Schultz has run Schultz’s Woodpile in Fairview for 50 years and said he has never seen the firewood industry like it is now.

This time of year, he would usually have 200 cords of firewood on site, but right now, he only has 50.

Schultz said he is not really sure when he will get more.

The prices are also soaring, causing his customers to cut back on their usual order.

“Pricing of the logs went up for procurement of wood substantially, so we’re up substantially on our price just to cover price of log to get them here,” said Schultz.

A cord now costs $400 delivered compared to $275-300 during a typical year.

Schultz is echoing what many retailers are telling their customers as the holidays approach: If you need firewood, get it now.


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