New Psychic Academy Opens In Dunkirk

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DUNKIRK – An 1880’s Victorian style funeral home in Dunkirk is getting new life thanks to an internally known Psychic Medium and her new Psychic Academy. 

Psychic Medium Ivy Rivera is bringing her school, reading business, and church to the old Gardinier-Colletti funeral home, at 43 West 4th Street, that has been vacant for nearly 10 years.

Rivera plans to use her new academy to teach others her profession and what it really means to be a psychic medium.

“A psychic medium is someone who is clairvoyant meaning we are able to predict the past,the present, and the future with accuracy but we are also able to channel spirits so different mediums channel different spirits depending on who they pay attention to,” Rivera explained.

She says anyone can be a psychic, they just have to learn how to channel the proper energy.

“I channel angels, guides, ancestors, so your deceased loved ones’, animals, and higher up spirits; my students do the same,” Rivera shared

During the grand opening Sunday she will host a Psychic Fair, discounts, giveaways, as well as a free Psychic Mediumship Class offered both online and in person from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.

“We talk about how this loss language is really the foundation and the roots of our health our stability our well-being our prosperity and without understanding the loss language of a pathic ability psychic ability I kind of lost at sea it’s like we haven’t really started living yet,” Rivera explained

So far, 200 people have already registered to take Rivera’s Psychic Medium class.

“It’s been amazing so far Dunkirk is a warm welcoming town and the support from the mayor and of my fellow business owners here and the towns people has been amazing,” Rivera said.

In the end, she says the expansion isn’t for her, but her students.

“Right so our motto is raising up the next generation of light workers that’s absolutely the focus here it’s to help people to understand that they themselves are the psychic the Medium, the empath, that they don’t need to go to somebody else it is our language we should be working with every day of our lives and so to put the power back in the hands of each individual is really the goal here,” said Rivera.

To learn more about Ivy Rivera and her academy you can visit

Rivera can be found on many social media platforms such as; Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube where during the pandemic she transitioned her business too.


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