Republicans Dominate County Election

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MAYVILLE — It was a good night to be a Republican in Chautauqua County Tuesday. In addition to dominating the County Executive and County Clerk’s races, they also swept through the County Legislature races.

The GOP grabbed 15 of 19 County Legislature seats. As of late Tuesday evening, county legislative races looked generally decided, not counting any absentee votes, which will be counted in two weeks.

District One
D – Marcus S. Buchanan 545
R- Kevin J. Muldowney 637
District Two
D- Robert K. Bankoski 835
District Three
D- Robert E. Dando Jr. 497
R- Bob Scudder 1110
District Four
D- Susan Parker 460
WF- Christine Starks 227
District Five
R- Terry A. Niebel 1219
District Six
R- Thomas R. Harmon 1092
District Seven
R- Mark J. Odell 995
District Eight
D- Scott F. Humble 305
Pierre E. Chagnon 1136
District Nine
D- Billy Torres 408
District 10
R- Kenneth J. Lawton 1149
District 11
D- Robert W. Whitney Jr. 328
R- David E. Wilfong 534
District 12
D- Heather J. O. Fagan 307
Elisabeth T. Rankin  614
District 13
D- Paul D. Whitford 241
District 14
R- Daniel W. Pavlock 1270
District 15
R- Lisa Vanstrom 1029
District 16
D-Dustin M. Carvella 193
R- John D. Davis 1326
LBT- Gerritt R. Cain 270
District 17
D- Jay Gould 1196
District 18
D- Bill Ward 589
R- Martin J. Proctor 900
District 19
R- John W. Hemmer 1032
Many of the races could be decided by the more than 2,500 absentee ballots.

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