Federal Vaccine Mandate For Large Employers Taking Effect Jan. 4

WNY News Now Staff Image.

JAMESTOWN – Businesses now have until just after the New Year to rollout the federal COVID-19 vaccine mandate that impacts large companies.

The White House announced on Thursday the deadline for workers to get vaccinated, or face strict testing protocols, is now January 4.

This order impacts enterprises with more than 100 employees, as well as those who work at health care facilities that treat Medicare and Medicaid patients. The measure also applies to federal contractors.

After the deadline, any employee who remains unvaccinated must provide a verified negative COVID test weekly. Companies aren’t required to pay for those tests. Unvaccinated employees also must wear masks.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration will assist companies with vaccination plans. It will also enforce the rules.

Fines for non-compliance will vary based on a company’s size and other factors. A company might have to pay up to $13,653 per individual violator or up to $136,532 for willful violation of the rules.

The Biden administration says 70 percent of all adult Americans are now fully vaccinated. The new rules are aimed at the tens of millions who remain unvaccinated nationwide.


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