Cornell University: Campus Threats Deemed Not Credible

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ITHACA (WENY) – Cornell University has lifted the evacuation alert involving a bomb threat that campus police received on Sunday.

According to the University’s website, around 2:00 PM the 911 dispatch for Tompkins County had gotten a call from someone who had claimed to be in one of the buildings. The person told the emergency center that they had an automatic weapon and that explosives had been placed in multiple academic buildings. The dispatch center immediately notified Cornell University’s Campus Police Department.

While investigating, the Cornell University Police Department issued multiple notifications including a shelter in place order and an evacuation order for several campus buildings including the law school and the arts quad.

In a statement from the University, “We are relieved to report that this threat appears to have been a hoax. A cruel hoax; but, thankfully, just a hoax. The University has now resumed its normal operations.”

Cornell University and several other universities experienced similar hoaxes. Cornell University said that they would work closely with investigators as they determine if there is a link between the hoaxes.


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