Local Plow Companies Booking Fast For Winter Season 

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ERIE (Erie News Now) – We saw our first snowflakes of the season last week, maybe a reminder to make sure you have a snowplow service for the season; that could be a struggle this years as local plow companies say they’re dealing with serious shortage of drivers. 

“It’s never too late, what you may experience having to make more calls to find someone that still has availability,” says Misty Burgess, Director of Operations for Kunco Landscaping. “We are pretty much at 90%, we are taking a few so definitely don’t wait any longer.” 

Kunco Landscaping tells Erie News Now they’re spots are filing up fast for this Winter season. 

While they wish they could help clear everyone’s drive way this season, “we’re looking at our labor force and that’s something else that everyone needs to take into consideration,” says Burgess. “The labor shortage is a real thing and it’s effecting every industry and we may have 20 trucks but ,we may not have 20 drivers at any given snow fall.” 

She informs Erie News Now that they’re not only facing a labor shortage but, the increase in gas prices at the pump. 

“Gas prices are astronomical,” says Burgess. “We just talked to some guys this morning reminding us that its sometime $150-$200 to fill up just one tank of gas for one of our bigger trucks so, we are really factoring that in for this winter.” 

So when you book a plow this Winter, you may see an increase in your bill. 

“Unfortunately because that’s an expense that’s real, that we have and we have to factor in to all the work we do,” says Burgess. 


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