AAA: We Might Get A Glimpse Of Pre-Pandemic Travel This Thanksgiving

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WASHINGTON – We might get a glimpse of pre-pandemic travel in a couple weeks as AAA expects more than 53 million people will travel this Thanksgiving holiday.

This is a 13 percent increase from last year, but as the economy rebounds, the price of crude oil skyrockets putting pressure on the White House to act.

But no specifics have been laid out, and experts say there’s only so much the President, any President, can do.

A new forecast from the federal government predicts crude prices will hold steady and then drop back down next year. Until then these high prices are getting passed on at the pump.

AAA says the national average for a gallon of gas now $3.42; compared to $2.11 a year ago.

But how does that compare to pricesbefore the pandemic?

“It’s only about 80 cents more than what they paid in 2019 so it’s more but, as we’ve always discovered, no matter how much gasoline prices are, people are still gonna take that trip, they’ll just budget along the way,” explained AAA Spokesperson Andrew Gross.

Air travel is expected to go way up, but 90 percent of travelers are expected to drive this holiday; that’s about 48.3 million people.


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