Mask Still Required At Warren County School District

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WARREN (Erie News Now) – Will students locally still have to wear mask in the classroom?

At Warren County School District students will continue to wear mask, at least for now, that’s after the issue of mask wearing in the classroom has been a big topic of discussion after the district was sent to court earlier this year over a mask lawsuit.

Superintendent Amy Stewart tells Erie News Now the board of education has been frustrated that they haven’t been able to use local control and make their own decisions.

Even with the news that came out on Wednesday that the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court decision to throw out the state’s mask mandate for schools, the district has decided right now to not make any changes to the mask policy right now.

Stewart says it’s really split down the line whether parents want their child masked or not, “It’s 50 50 on just about everything if you look at the vaccination percentages and where people are so there are folks that are very passionate one way or the other about mask and vaccination.”


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