Cleveland Browns Fans Share Thoughts On Season So Far

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CLEVELAND (Erie News Now) – As we make our way through Week 10 of the NFL season,  we wanted to see how are Browns fans feeling. We took a trip over to Cleveland to find out.

On an average Sunday in Cleveland, Ohio you may find the city quiet, but after a Browns game it’s a different story.

As we get closer and closer to playoffs, Browns fans are cautiously optimistic for a chance for a post season run.

Laquita Taylor, a Browns fan said, “The Browns are determined and they will pull it out.”

Taylor prefers to watch games at home, but the Winking Lizard is often packed in Downtown Cleveland on game day.

Meantime, Alex Durdella said he’s one of Cleveland’s biggest fans and has some advice for Cleveland’s coaches, “Just give Chubb the ball, just run the ball, get him in there, you saw what he just did this past weekend, just keep it going, he’s got the momentum, just keep it going to be honest.”

Despite a slow start to the season, both Durdella and Taylor thinks the Browns will go far this season just like last year.

“It’s very exciting, it’s very hopeful, I think they can do it, again if they are determined, they can do it”, said Taylor.

Taylor has a message to everyone on the brown’s roaster, “Stay focused and get it done.”


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