NYS Slated To Receive Billions Under The Federal Infrastructure Package

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ALBANY – New York State is slated to receive billions of dollars in federal funding under President Biden’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure package.

Governor Kathy Hochul spoke to the media in Albany on Monday just before departing for Washington D.C. to attend the bill’s signing.

Hochul says this money will help improve “long overdue” infrastructure projects statewide.

“More than 14 billion dollars for New York roads and bridges, 10.5 billion for our transit systems across our state, 3 billion for clean water, 100 million for continued broadband deployment, something that we hear about every single day,” said Hochul. “I continue as Governor (to) travel the state, I know the vulnerability when our cellphone drops and we say why, so we have to get that fixed as well.”

Additionally, Hochul says because of the federal money there will not be a fare hikes or service cuts to MTA customers in New York City.


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