Snow Boosts Corry Businesses

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CORRY (Erie News Now) – The first lake effect snowfall of the season hit Corry and the Snow Belt area over the weekend, with some in Corry reporting as much as seven inches of snow.

“I’m always ready. Snow is a happy season for us. It’s pennies from Heaven,” Jon Maker told Erie News Now about the weather.

Many in Corry woke up with several inches of snow on Monday morning, a dreaded sight for some, but a pleasant sight for others.

“We’ve got plenty of brushes, and snow brushes, and we just put out the snow brooms so that when the snow comes in heavy, people can get it cleaned off,” co-owner of Corry Lumber, Mark Sander said.

The hardware store was filled with customers all day Monday. Many were stocking up on winter essentials, like shovels and space heaters. Sander says the first lake effect rush happens every year. “People can’t find their snow brush, so they’ve been in raiding us of snow brushes and space heaters, just because it’s getting cold.”

It’s not just supplies people are rushing in to get. It’s services, too. “We’ve been up since about 2 o’clock taking care of some of the shops we have, cleaning sidewalks and entry ways,” said Maker. He runs a snow removal business, with most of his 60+ clients in the Corry area. They’ve not stopped shoveling and scraping since the snow began.

Maker says it’s not enough to just scrape the snow. It’s just as important to melt the ice underneath, too. Thick, wet snow will make walkways slippery.

Maker knows this is only the beginning of a long Erie County winter, but he’s excited for the snow season to get underway and help people prepare.

“It’s crazy. It comes and melts down. All of a sudden it shows up again. We go out and get it salted and it melts down, and obviously you can see, it’s coming down again.”


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