Jamestown Installs City Christmas Tree, Why Finding Evergreens Is More Difficult

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JAMESTOWN – The City of Jamestown installed it’s Christmas tree at city hall on Wednesday morning as part of an annual tradition; however, finding a local tree might be more difficult in years to come. 

This year’s Christmas tree is a 40 foot tall Blue Spruce donated by Lindsay DeLong and family.

As Arborist Dan Stone tells us, this is how the city has gathered a tree for the downtown location over the years.

Stone fears that this tradition might be harder to undertake in the future as the stock of local trees diminish.

“It’s hard to find a real nicely shaped spruce tree to use at Christmas time,” explained Stone.

Evergreens that fit the profile for Jamestown’s Christmas tree can take over 40 years to grow into its full size.

There are also many hazards that come with a growing pine tree, including its location, how it interferes with power lines and other reasons.

“Part of our problem is insect and disease problems with trees, and that’s part of the reason why we haven’t used Blue Spruce for a while,” stated Stone.

The arborist encourages all that think they have the perfect Christmas tree to get ahold of the Parks Department, and they will look into it.

“People will see that we have the tree up, so they will be calling and offering trees, which is great, and we encourage people to do that,” explained Stone. “If you think you have the next city Christmas tree at your house, give us a call at the Parks Department.”

It has been four years since the city used a Blue Spruce. Later this week the Park’s Department will install over 3,000 lights ahead of the ceremonial tree lighting during this year’s Christmas parade on December 4.


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