Sen. Gillibrand Announced A $27 Billion Dollar Investment For New York State

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WASHINGTON (WENY) – After President Joe Biden signed a one trillion-dollar bipartisan infrastructure bill on Monday, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D – NY) announced that $27 billion will be invested in New York State’s infrastructure.  

Gillibrand laid out the state’s plan for improvement on broadband expansion, highway projects, water infrastructure and more by referencing grant guides.

Provisions such as Gillibrand’s Build Local Hire Local Act and Resilient Highways Act are included in the infrastructure package.

In regard to broadband expansion, the package will include an estimated $100 million towards broadband coverage to more than 186,000 New Yorkers, Gillibrand said.

Low-income families will be able to afford internet access due to lower prices for internet services across the state. People will also have better access for technology.

Another key takeaway from the infrastructure’s benefits is more than $11 billion will go towards highway projects and improvements. In regard to the Resilient Highways Act, an estimated one billion will ensure the reconstruction of highways and the hiring of local workers.

The package will include an estimated $2.6 billion towards water infrastructure, as well.

“The package includes critical resources to include our water infrastructure because every New Yorker should have clean water to drink,” she said.

Lead pipes will be replaced and PFAS chemical levels will be tested to ensure a clean water supply for New York State citizens.

Gillibrand said the funding for New York State will begin to be disbursed within the coming weeks.


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