Preparing For A Thanksgiving Dinner

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WARREN (Erie News Now) – Throughout the pandemic there has been several shortages at the grocery store and with it now being exactly one week away from Thanksgiving, if you haven’t gotten all the fixings for your Thanksgiving feast, are you out of luck?

At Shurfines in Warren tell Erie News Now the shelves are still stocked with everything you need for a Thanksgiving dinner.

“We have certain things that are short on a weekly basis and certain things that are going up a lot in pricing too,” says owner of Shurfines, Todd Leroy.

While many box stores are experiencing shortages for a Thanksgiving fest, that’s not the case at Shurfines.

“It might not be the name brand but, we’re going to have a cranberry sauce, we’re going to have your green beans, the stuff that you want it might not be the ocean spray,” says Leroy.

He informs Erie News Now the prices are up a little but they preordered turkeys in June and July to help with that, “but we are still pretty close to our pricing from last year I think we are up probably like 15 cents a pound from last year.”

So if you’re waiting until last minute to pick up the essentials for a Thanksgiving meal, Leroy says you don’t have to worry at Shurfines.

“Absolutely if they come in all the way up through next week, we should have it for them,” says Leroy. “Again it’s probably not the name brand they want but, if you want cranberry sauce, we’re going to have it, stuffing mix, we’re going to have it.”


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