Paying More At The Grocery Store This Holiday Season

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WARREN (Erie News Now) – Local grocery store owner Todd Leroy of Shurfines in Warren tells Erie News Now that he never believed when he bought the store five years ago he would be seeing so many shortages and price increases.

“We have things that are short on a weekly basis and certain things that are going up a lot in pricing too,” says Leroy.

While he informs us they are all stocked up with everything you would need for a Thanksgiving dinner this week, it just might not be the brands you’re use to.

“Box drinks we’re having a hard time getting and just a variety of things throughout the store,” says Leroy. “We’re not out of anything but it might not be the main brands that someone might want but for the most part we can get everything that they want.”

If you plan to cook any meats for family this holiday season, you’ll be seeing a price increase, “depending on the item we are up anywhere from 10-15%, strips steaks, your Delmonicos are going up,” says Leroy.

As for when price increase will end, Leroy tells Erie News Now it’s hard to say, “I hope its not the reality but, I do not know when it’s going to end. Nobody wants to pay more for sure but they understand why it is.”


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