Breaking Down Boosters: COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters Available For Adults 

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HARRISBURG, PA. (Erie News Now) – As of Friday, all Pennsylvanians 18 years and older are eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine booster.  

The expanded eligibility follows the review process by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  

Adults can now schedule a booster dose six months after receiving their second dose of Pfizer or Moderna, or two months after receiving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.  

The Pennsylvania Department of Health says regardless of which brand of vaccine was received for a primary vaccination, individuals can take any brand for a booster dose.  

“There was a preference for the same brand that you got your primary or your underlying vaccination with, but ultimately there is mixing and matching available. Really, it’s about getting the booster, more than necessarily what brand the booster is,” said Acting Health Secretary Alison Beam in an interview with ErieNewsNow.  

According to Johns Hopkins:  

  • “A COVID-19 booster is given when a person has completed their vaccine series, and protection against the virus has decreased over time.”  
  • “An additional dose is administered to people with moderately to severely compromised immune systems. This additional dose is intended to improve immunocompromised people’s response to their initial vaccine series.” 

According to the Department of Health, Pennsylvania vaccine providers, including pediatricians, primary care physicians, family doctors, pharmacies, federally qualified health centers and grocery stores, are able to schedule booster appointments now.  

“Vaccine providers across Pennsylvania have supplies of the safe and effective vaccines to administer booster shots,” said Beam. “I am impressed by the tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians who are stepping up every day to get their first, second or third dose of vaccine to protect themselves, their loved ones and their neighbors against COVID-19.”  

Individuals who have questions about getting vaccinated are encouraged to talk to their doctor or other trusted healthcare professional.  

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