People Still Traveling Despite Variant Concerns

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ERIE (Erie News Now) – People are ready to pack their bags and start traveling again. As it seems like just when people get comfortable to go out of the country a new variant cause’s people to scramble.

So far, many countries in Europe, Africa and Canada have started to shut their doors to travelers because of the new variant Omicron. President Biden spoke to the country days ago saying its cause for concern, but not to panic.

What does this mean for Americans looking to travel? Veteran travel agent Ann Denny has been in the business for decades. She is seeing people continuously book for vacations for this year and out until 2023 looking to get away.  Denny says she’s telling customers to stay optimistic and stay safe when you travel.

“I’m not going to guarantee anyone a safe vacation anywhere. You can go to Florida and catch something even though you’re in the United States. Obviously Europe is a hot spot again. We haven’t had, knock on wood, any problem with the Caribbean or Mexico,” says Denny.

For 40 years, Ann Denny has been helping people plan their dream vacations.

“I’m kind of a dinosaur, but I decided this is what I know,” explains Denny.

A year ago, she decided to purchase Miller Travel Services, knowing travelers would have more questions than ever before.

“Everybody is going on new vacations and looking forward to them,” says Denny.

Denny says people are ready to start traveling again. They’re tired of staying home, and even with the new variant, this hasn’t stopped people from booking.

“They just want to travel. They’ve sat at home long enough, and they’re done. Most of them are vaccinated with boosters,” says Denny.

Things have changed since pre pandemic. Traveling isn’t as easy as hopping on a flight. There are things to consider, and with countries shutting their doors. Now would be the time to read the fine print on your itinerary.

“Most of the tour operators will allow you to cancel for any reason and cancel for any reason, the pandemic is covered under that. If you don’t get a cancellation for any reason, you stand a chance to losing everything you’ve paid,” says Denny.

Denny says if you’re looking to get out of the country, getting vaccinated might be required.

“I highly recommend you get vaccinated. You can’t go on a cruise without a vaccination or a negative COVID test and some of the countries are requiring a vaccination as well,” says Denny.


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