NY AG Accused Of Abusing New Police Oversight Rules


ALBANY – New York’s attorney general is accused of abusing new police oversight rules.

The New York State Troopers Police Benevolent Association accuses AG Letitia James of misusing rule 70-b for investigations into incidents involving police.

The rule, the union says, was designed as a result of officer-involved shootings and points to a car crash in Syracuse area where an-off duty trooper and friend were in a head-on collision with a car driving the wrong way.

In a lawsuit filed this week, the James’ office inappropriately questioned the trooper while hospitalized to ask for a blood-alcohol test. They say because the trooper was off-duty, she did not have the authority to conduct the test without a warrant.

The suit is seeking a declaratory judgment and injunctive relief against James and the AG’s Office of Special Investigations.


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