Driver Dies After Car Crashes Into River Near Niagara Falls

Image courtesy: FireBuffNY

NIAGARA FALLS – One person is dead after a car got trapped in rapids at the top of Niagara Falls on Wednesday. 

Witnesses say they saw a the partially submerged car floating down the river and it became hung up on some rocks just ahead of the brink of the falls.

Image courtesy: FireBuffNY

First responders soon arrived on scene, while waiting for a Coast Guard Helicopter to arrive, a drone was used to try and get a better view of how many people were inside the vehicle and to identify the car’s license plate.

Once a Coast Guard helicopter arrived, a pilot was lowered down to the car and was able to pull the deceased driver from the vehicle.

Image courtesy: FireBuffNY

The driver is described as a woman in her 60’s, but her identity has not been released. Crews will now try to determine how to safely remove the vehicle from the water.

It is yet not clear how the car got into the falls. An investigation is underway.


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