Gillibrand Calls For Additional Resources For Future Pandemic Response

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NEW YORK – As more Omicron Cases are detected in New York, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is pushing to create the COVID-19 and pandemic response centers of excellence to help combat public health emergencies. 

“COVID is not over and that tackling pandemics and public health challenges is and will be an ongoing effort, Viruses evolve and our ability to respond alongside them whether it is our ability to monitor and meet the needs of COVID long-haulers, tracking variants like Omnicron or prepare for the next public health crisis,” explained Gillibrand last week.

The senator is proposing legislation that would give $10 million dollars to at least 10 academic medical centers across the country for real-time response efforts for covid and for future pandemic preparedness.

She says these academic medical centers help communicate research and best practices to public and private hospitals as well as our local communities.

This legislation would also allow the department of health and human services to give grants to academic medical centers to help with patient care, mental health resources for frontline health care workers and clinical trial research and vaccine research.


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