Local Student Looks To Help Others This Holiday Season

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JAMESTOWN – While the holiday season can be stressful, it is also a time to give back to our community.  This is what sixth grader Taylnn Kendall of Jefferson Middle School is doing with her time yet again this year.

“I’m trying to donate toys to kids that don’t have a lot or are struggling during these hard times. Or that just have long or short-term illnesses or cancer, Leukemia, and other illnesses like that.”

The tradition began when Taylnn was only three, when she gave up her favorite toy for a child in need. The student also helps collect food for Saint Susan’s and participates in benefits for individuals in need of help.

Mother Tabitha Raynor explained how this is Taylnn’s biggest year yet as she is accepting toys for 47 children.

“32 for a Jamestown Public School specifically, and then the rest of the kids are specifically just in remission,” explains Raynor. “The youngest one we have right now is six-months old, they range up to seventeen years of age. Boys, girls, some are in the hospital, some are not, it’s all over the place.”

Though Taylnn has a big goal to achieve, she is hoping for more help from the community.

“We’ve only gotten four donations so far this year and it’s not looking very good,” says Raynor. “We’re in hopes that maybe a business will see this, where they could be listed as a sponsor for donations.”

Donations of hats and gloves are highly encouraged as well as toys for those aged ten to fourteen.

Those who wish to donate can contact Taylnn’s Facebook page where she keeps the community updated on her missions.

“Legos, toys, fidgets, crafts, makeup, nails, Barbie’s, hats and gloves, earbuds, earmuffs. Another thing I would like to give them is happiness and joy,” says Kendall.

The pair hopes to have donations for Jamestown Public School’s by Monday, December 20th and for Taylnn’s mission by the 22nd or 23rd to have time to wrap and distribute presents.


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