Wreaths Across America Honors Fallen Heroes In Jamestown

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JAMESTOWN – Across the country countless wreaths were laid along graves of our country’s fallen heroes over the weekend, including at Jamestown’s own ‘Soldiers’ Circle’.

As the Holidays draw near, Coordinator Todd Hanson was among those who gathered Saturday remembering troops who paid the ultimate sacrifice to preserve freedom.

“This time of year is difficult for a lot of people who have lost loved ones, who may have military who are serving, deployed,” stated Hanson. “So this time of year we try to do it and honor them and to remind people to help.”

This event has not only occurred in this area but at the same time the whole country laid wreaths across thousands of soldiers’ graves.

“There’s over three thousand cemeteries across the United States that all did it today on the same day at noon,” explained Hanson. “There are millions of wreaths that get laid today by tens of thousands of volunteers, it’s a huge team effort.”

Over 500 wreaths were placed on graves in the Lakeview cemetery and brought many different members of the community together, a gathering that Hanson cherished.

“I think that the part I like the most about this ceremony and this cemetery is all the different groups of veterans and organizations that all come together here on the same day, and to just get that community involvement,” stated Hanson.

For more information on the annual event and how you can help visit their Facebook page.


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