First Of Its Kind Squid Tournament Taking Place Next Month 

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FALCONER – Two local residents are taking on the drug and crime epidemic in the Jamestown area by recreating the popular ‘Squid Game.’ 

Destiny Howard and boyfriend Owen Thompson will be hosting the event at Levant Wesleyan Church on January 22.

“We really wanna try to get kids away from the violence and drug use in our community by providing them with another activity to do outside of school,” explains Howard.

Howard also notes the lack of activities in the area, saying most entertainment options for kids have been taken away.

“We’re trying to give the community something to do,” says Thompson. “The arcades are gone, the roller skate rink is gone, all the businesses are shut down, abandoned. There’s really nothing to do here , that results in kids going to the streets, try drugs, get into violence.”

The pair notes that this is more than just a game to them, and discuss the big hopes they have for the future.

“We’ve seen how terrible this city has been in certain aspects,” states Howard. “Seeing people abuse drugs and pass away, or be shot and killed, and it’s just really sad to see. We just wanna save the next generation so they don’t have to experience those things.”

Like the show, the event hopes to give away substantial prizes.

“We’re looking forward to giving away cars, larger amount of gift cards like Walmart, so people can look forward to coming and not just play and spend their money away,” says Howard.

The event will consist of six games; red light green light, tug of war, dodgeball, corn hole, musical chairs, and giant jenga. The event will be catered by La Rumba who will provide options after the game.

The duo encourages people of all ages to come to the event, whether it be to play or just to watch.

Howard and Thompson hope that the success from this event will allow them to create more opportunities in the future, like opening traditionally southern chains in the city to attract different customers. They also hope to go into real estate to rehabilitate abandoned houses to create affordable and decent housing.

Tickets can be purchased at the events website or in person at the church. Tickets to play in the event are currently 25 dollars, and will increase to 35 dollars after Christmas.


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