25 States Will Raise The Minimum Wage In 2022

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ERIE (Erie News Now) – Workers in 25 states will see their paychecks grow when minimum wage increases go into effect in 2022. Currently, Pennsylvania is not on that list, meaning minimum wage will stay at a stagnant $7.25-per-hour.

“Pennsylvania’s food service, retail and social services workers have deserved a minimum wage hike for many years, but today the need is even more urgent. Millions of Pennsylvanians – many of them the frontline workers we called heroes in the early days of the pandemic – are struggling to support their families on hourly wages under $15,” Governor Tom Wolf said. “The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the global economy, and we see that reflected in a very reasonable reluctance of workers to take low-wage jobs in the midst of rising inflation.”

“Parents with young children literally cannot afford to work these jobs if the cost of child care eclipses their paycheck. I’m urging the General Assembly to pass legislation that increases Pennsylvania’s minimum wage to $12 an hour and creates a pathway to $15,” Wolf added.

There are proposed bills waiting in both the House and the Senate for action. Both would increase Pennsylvania’s minimum wage to $12 with a pathway to $15, then implement annual increases tied to the consumer price index.

“The Pennsylvania legislature last increased the minimum wage in 2006 when they passed my legislation, Senate Bill 1090,” said Sen. Christine Tartaglione. “Since then our legislature has failed to raise the minimum wage and provide a livable wage to our lowest earners. This inaction is not just a failure in policy, but a failure in humanity and decency. Pennsylvanians deserve a living wage. We need to join the 25 states that will raise their minimum wage in 2022 and provide a livable wage to our commonwealth.”


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  1. I don’t see how this helps the American people. As minimum wage goes up so also do prices. That takes
    minimum wage away from saving and building lives especially for our young. They have nothing to save for burials, retirement and cost of living. How does this help.

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