Indoor Activities Eager For Business Amidst Omicron Surge

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ERIE (Erie News Now) – The week between Christmas and New Year’s is a child’s dream, a whole week with fun and no school. But it’s also a dream for indoor businesses, who look forward to the increase in profit.

Jesse Wattle, the part owner of Greengarden Lanes explained, “You go from you don’t know when people are coming in, to you’re preparing to having an entire house filled the entire day.”

On an average Monday, you may only find a few people bowling, including weekly bowlers, Julie Schmitt and her father. They like to come first thing in the morning before it gets too crowded with families. “We are as careful as we can be, we are vaccinated, boosted and sanitize as often as possible, it’s worth doing once a week together”, said Schmitt.

But the week after Christmas, in the midst of a pandemic, it’s a different story. There’s many families coming inside, eager to have some fun indoors.

Daniel Poe came to bowl with his children and said, “The last year and a half, almost two years now, it’s been pretty hectic with being able to get out and do stuff but now with all of us vaccinated and boosted and everything. It’s nice to be able to get out and have some fun outside of the house.”

Just like at Greengarden Lanes, parents visiting Splash Lagoon said that having an extra layer of protection with the vaccine gives them the peace of mind especially when they are in indoor spaces with lots of people.

Parents said they feel more comfortable bringing their children to a place where they can spread out.

Hannah Raynor traveled from Idaho and  is visiting family in Buffalo. They took a trip to Splash Lagoon for some family time with their children. She agreed that being vaccinated gives her peace of mind when being out and about. “All of our adults are vaccinated so we are all feeling a little bit safer that way and just being bale to have the kids all be together and enjoy that normalcy is really nice to have”, said Raynor.

Just like Greengarden Lanes, Splash Lagoon relies on this week for out of town visitors as well.

“We are getting a lot of our Canadian tourist back and this is definitely a huge week with all the kids being out of school and looking for something fun to do when the weather outside is not so great”, said Chris N. Scott, the owner and Vice President of Scott Enterprises.


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